Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rahul's eerie silence on Bhopal Issue

Dear  Rahul

It's going to be a month since the bhopal judgement has come out, but there has no single word from you or your party president. What is even more surprising is that this silence is despite the fact that name is Ex-PM of the country,who was given bharat ratna, and who is from your party and most importantly who is your father is been taken again and again..!!

It appears now that you are terrified to come in front of the press. And so terrified that you even did not celebrate your B'day in this country. 

This silence reflects that either you are guilty or you are so innocent that you are taken aback by this issue.

Anyway whatever may be the case, the youth of this country expect you to come clean on this issue as you are the future PM of this country..!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Open Letter to Rahul Gandhi

Dear Rahul

 I’am writing  this open letter to you and sincerely hope that this letter reaches you. I’ll be too optimistic to hope that you will reply this letter, but it is man’s nature to dream and so be it.There has been a wide spread belief in the country(read Congress workers) that you are the wind of change that will sweep the country and pull the rug under the opponent. They firmly believe that you will bring Congress  back to its glory days( I sincerely does not mean emergency days)and it will come back to power on its own , without support of nagging allies( Mamtas and Laloos) , like your father did in 1984( thanks to sympathy wave generated). But before to fulfill the wishes of your followers, iwould like to pose few questions for you:-

1.       What are you going to do to introduce democracy in the largest political party of the world’s largest democracy?  The party in which the party post are nominated and not elected. The party in which it is the name of the father and not the sweat that you lose is your qualification.


2.                    What are you going to do to end the  dynasty rule in your party?  Your so called youth brigade is just a bunch of dynasty children , born with silver spoon in mouth.


3.                     You keep on emphasizing the power to youth . Can you highlight any one of your achievement, which has reduced the misery of the youth in this country? If you can’t remember any of the misery of the youth ( Off course you can’t because as you have never undergone any of that), then I’ll help you.  It’s like Un-employment, Lack of quality education, lack of equality in opportunity, etc. And please these are not all, I’ve not included generic problems like poverty, in-human living condition, corruption, caste system, high inflation, etc because  they ar common for everybody.


4.     The  austerity drive taken you and your party has been highly appreciated by the media. And off course it should be . You have been travelling along the country side in air conditioned SUV’s , taking chopper to places where SUV can’t go ( in this you have been taking high risk ,by flying beyond the  stipulated timing  all this just for the welfare of the people..!!) and obviously travelling by aircraft.  Oh I ‘am sorry, I did not mention  that you travelled in poor Indian railways in I’st class AC of Shatabdi Express(in which you got stoned remember) , which was a nightmare for your security staff.


5.    It is also appreciated that you travel ( In AC SUV’s) to dalit homes and take meals them and even sleep there( Off course Mayawati ,who supports you in the center, alleges that you take bath with special soap after that). What real actions have you taken for the upliftment of the dalits? ( Cleanliness begins at home) ). None of congress CM is dalit; there are very few dalit in your party holding high post and your youth brigade does not have a prominent youth face (I can’t remember anyone now). How about the idea of giving your party president post to a dalit…!!!!


6.    Your visit and its reference in parliament in your speech, to Kalavati residence in vidharba  has been a lot talked about in Indian media.  I would like to ask you who is responsible for the present state of Kalavati and millions other like him in Vidharba? She lives in a state which has been ruled by your party most of the time since independence( barring a small patch of SS-BJP rule) and at the same time your party was at the center too…!!!


7.     Your party proudly takes credit for bringing liberalization in this country and taking it to the path of progress. I’ ask you that why was liberalization brought in 1991 and not in 1951? Why was the country denied opportunity that it has today? Was it the lust of power hungry people who wanted to keep the strings of power with then(red tapeism)?Or was independence just the extension of British rule, with now brown ruling instead of whites. Or is it because the foirst Pm of the country was of socialist ideology. So the country run based on the likes and dis-likes of only one individual and not based on what the country needs. Now the irony is that the liberalization was initiated by a PM  who does not belong to your dynasty. Although  Rajiv Gandhi could have done wonders , if he wanted , because he had the greatest majority ever in parliament.


8.     Isn’t it pitiful that a person who was born in this country , suddenly realizes  that he should know his motherland and  starts his “discovery of India” after 30 years of having fled and bled in this country?


9.     Isn’t it ironic that you spend a night in dalit home in a full media glare and you celebrate New Year  in a five star resort in Jaiselmer with no media flash lights…!!!


10.   Why are you afraid of conducting press conference? But it seems that your party is more afraid of you conducting press conference, because whenever you conduct press conference, the aftermath is that the entire congress party is on the media giving clarification on your statements . And the same applies to your party president also.


11.    You give impression that you believe in social justice and equality . But your party follows feudalistic culture. What steps you intend to take to reduce sycophancy and feudalistic culture in your party? Isn’t it shameful that when you visit Mumbai the CM of the state waits for you under the sun for three hours( time which he could have well spent in the welfare of the people) and the Minister of  state for home lifts your ‘chappals’..!!!!Is it just because you belong to the dynasty? You say that you don’t like people calling you “ Yuvraj”, but you don’t  mind getting the treatment..!!!!(action don’t confirm your words)



12.    Nowadays you have been repeatedly saying in UP that the funds send by center are not being spend by the state government. Can you just tell what happened when it was your government at the Center and in the state? Why was nothing done then? By the way very few of the states ruled by your party appear in the top ten best states , according to the survey by India Today, so what is happening to center funds there?


14.     You have been travelling around  the country meeting people  from all sphre of life, but did you visits the house of any of our brave soldier who has laid for the country . Or is it just that they don’t for a formidable “Vote  bank” and are therefore insignificant and expendable. 


13.    You have very willingly embraced the perks of your dynasty . But why aren’t you equally willing to accept the blame for 1984 Anti-sikh riots, Bhopal gas tragedy( and shameful fleeing of Anderson) , Kashmir problem, and countless other?


                I expect you to answer above question and come clean so that the people of this country  know the truth before you rule them.



                                                                                                                                                                    By a Common Indian